How to become a natural history writer

It’s nice to be asked for advice, because it presupposes that the person asking thinks you might offer something worth knowing. This month I was invited to contribute to an online careers advice series by BBC Wildlife magazine – in my case they wanted to know ‘How to become a natural history writer’. 

My first reaction was… I have no idea! Although I always wanted to study biology, and share my passion for the natural world in some way or another, I can’t say I planned or followed an optimal career path. Fortunately the magazine provided a list of questions to guide my response. 

I love my ‘job’ (sometimes it doesn’t feel like work). It’s not what I’d call a secure occupation, and certainly not stress free – being self employed seldom is. But it is flexible, it keeps me learning and gives me unlimited opportunity to be inspired, beguiled, outraged and astounded on a daily basis. And it (just about) pays the bills.

You can read the Q&A here:

Planning my next outing! Photo copyright Dave Willis.

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