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I struggle to encapsulate what I do in a single word, but when I need to provide a job title in just a handful of characters, I usually plump for ‘writer’ because, if I’m honest, this is the bit I love best. Sharing my passion and insights into the natural world, and my concerns about the way we treat it, motivates me far more than any career plan ever could. I’m experienced in working to deadlines, meeting editorial briefs, and delivering authoritative, engaging text for a spectrum of reading ages. I’ve written or contributed to several dozen books on natural history (see Bibliography) and general science. My feature writing credits include the likes of BBC Wildlife, BBC Countryfile, The Yorkshire Post, The Dalesman and Countryman. The complications of copyright mean I can’t easily reproduce the articles here, but a few are available online, and the links are supplied within the list below. I also contribute short articles on science news and discoveries, provide answers for question pages, book reviews and ghost-write in house content

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Feature archive Underlined headings link to online content

The great dormouse release

BBC Wildlife magazine August 2014 pp 66-72
How the National Dormouse Monitoring Scheme is reversing the fate of a much-loved species


Hide and Seek: watching them watching us

Yorkshire Post magazine May 10, 2014 pp10-13
Are there pine martens on the North York Moors?


Skydancer or Scourge?

BBC Wildlife magazine May 2014 pp 84-90
A glimmer of hope for Britain’s most controversial bird of prey


The road less travelled

BBC Wildlife magazine January 2014 pp 58-65
A year in my quest to get to know the fantastic wildlife living right on my doorstep


Animal magic as mercury plunges

Yorkshire Post magazine (cover feature) Dec 28, 2013 pp 6-8
Yorkshire’s wonderful winter wildlife


Good year for the rosés

Yorkshire Post Nov 2, 2013 28 2013 pp 10-13
A visit to Britain’s most northerly commercial vineyard – also a haven for local wildlife


Right Direction

Yorkshire Post Oct 26, 2013 28 2013 pp 10-13
The back-to-nature thrill of orienteering


Is there hope for the red squirrel?

Biological Sciences Review Sept 2013 pp 30-33


Dawn of the red

BBC Wildlife magazine (cover feature) September 2013 pp 46-54
How getting tough on grey squirrels is turning the tide in favour of native reds


Great British wildlife myths

BBC Wildlife magazine June 2013 pp 58-61
Age-old wisdom or bunk? What to make of wildlife folk tales


Walking with rabbits

BBC Countryfile magazine May 2013 pp70-74
How well do you really know the ubiquitous British bunny?


The bucket (and spade) list

Yorkshire Post magazine (cover story) March 30, 2013 and Yorkshire Post March 31 2013
A child’s guide to the best of natural Yorkshire


The wild bunch goes on fox patrol

Yorkshire Post magazine Feb 16, 2013
Alpacas as sheep guards


50 new species from the past half century Part 1

50 new species from the past half century Part 2

BBC Wildlife magazine January 2013 pp 52-59
Celebrating the remarkable wildlife discovered since 1953 as part of the 50th anniversary special


Spring is in the hare

BBC Countryfile magazine March 2012 pp 36-40
Speed demon and folk hero – why I love the remarkable brown hare


At home with the badger

BBC Countryfile magazine March 2011 pp44-49



A selection of books I’ve authored, co-authored, ghost-written, contributed to or edited

The Harvest Mouse: an introduction to our smallest rodent
(2014) Natural Resources Wales

(2012) Dorling Kindersley

The Natural History Book
(2010) Dorling Kindersley

Animals Up Close
Igor Siwanowicz (2009) Dorling Kindersley

Moveable Feasts: What to eat and how to cook it in the great outdoors
(2008) Cicerone Press

The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Fish and Sea Creatures
(2007) Lorenz Books

Exploring Mammals
(2007) Brown Reference Group

300 Orchids Jane Boosey
(2007) Firefly Books

Encyclopedia of Wildlife and Plants
(2007) Brown Reference Group

Science Timelines
(2006) Brown Reference Group

Encyclopedia of Animal and Plant Anatomy
(2006) Marshall Cavendish

Crustaceans Vol 28 in World of Animals
(2004) Grolier, USA

Cod, Herrings and allies Vol 36 in World of Animals
(2004) Grolier, USA

Biology Matters
(2004) Brown Reference Group

Pocket Fact Files: Mammals
(2003) Sterling Publishing, USA

Grzimek’s Encyclopedia of Animal Life
(2003) Thompson Gale, USA

Spotting Wild Mammals
(2003) Mammals Trust UK

Mammals Volumes 1-10 World of Animals
(2003) Grolier, USA

Aquatic Life
(2003) Brown Reference Group

Endangered Animals
(2002) Grolier, USA


And 18 titles in the series Nature’s Children including Ants, Deer, Penguins & Puffins, Grolier, USA


Moveable Feasts
What to eat and how to cook it in the great outdoors

As a general outdoor nut, I’ve eaten a lot of food on the go, and cooked hundreds of meals outside. Moveable Feasts began as a collection of recipes to inspire creative thinking over the camp stove, became a joint project with my husband Roy, and ended up as an almost exhaustive guide to nutrition and cooking for all campers and adventure sport enthusiasts. If you want to enjoy food in the outdoors and fuel maximum performance, or if you need advice on kit, packing, campcraft, and a plethora of other things besides, this is the book for you.

Printed book available from Amazon

eBook available from Cicerone Press


We’re currently looking at options for a new edition with publishers Cicerone Press, so watch this space!

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